Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hunter puppet

This puppet used to have a wooden rifle. Having a prop made it a lot of fun to really act out the character with more realism. Sadly the rifle has disappeared over the years but I'll make a new one...eventually.

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The Hunter sketches

This character was fun to draw gestures. He's tall and lanky and sort of awkward giving him a comical quality.

The Hunter

Here's The Hunter. He's not great at hunting, try as he might. And the critters of the forest know this.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Burglar puppet

This is the Burglar. I love the stubble she painted in his face and the fantastic cap! Really looks like a bugger. There is also a Policeman puppet to go with him. Playing cops and robbers was more of a boys game to me so I tended to play with the "happier" puppets. Like the Farmer's wife and the dragon...hmmm, now that's a strange combo. Anyway, here he is in all is lowly glory.

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The Burglar

He's the kind of burglar that doesn't want the lime light. Not the kind to hold up a bank and take hostages. He's more of a small time bandit. Purse snatcher, picklock and common thief. This was a fun one to draw. As there's more to his personality than a regular happy sort of character. He's not well educated, probably abused as a child so he's mad at the world yet his lack of self esteem keeps him down...way down. You kind of feel sorry for him. And his gesture helps us see or read in to what kind of bloke he is.

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