Friday, April 24, 2009

The King puppet

Here's my Grandmother's beautiful hand puppet, The King. After so many years he still looks great. And I think he knows it, too.

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First sketches of The King

Here's the sketches of the king. The one of both king and queen are rather stiff and lifeless...sort of like the puppets. Like a puppeteer breathes life into a puppet with his hands so does the artist breathe life into his character by adding personality. In both cases you have to put yourself in to it to make it believable.

The King

I decided he needed a bigger, better crown. Something to really underline his personality...a pompous, precocious ponce.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Queen puppet

The Queen has lost some of her jewels over time but retains her regal appearance regardless. She once had a necklace made out of tiny pearls. Oma added such beautiful detail to her puppets! In keeping with that I will restore her so she will once again sport some royal bling!

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Queen sketches

This is just how I imagined she would be. Can't be bothered. What? Another dreadful party? How dull.


Here she is. Jaded and bored. Oh, the drudgery of being the queen...

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Little Red Riding Hood Puppet

I am assuming this actually IS Little Red Riding Hood. I mean there's is the German version so....why not? I think it's possible she had cape at one time, too.

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Little Red Riding Hood sketches

First I just drew the puppets as I saw them. Then I'm adding some personality. At some point I will really caricature them and cartoonify them.


I took some liberty with the original character...just a bit.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hand made puppets illustrated

About 40 some years ago my German grandmother made hand puppets for my brothers when they were little. I have inherited them now and got inspired to draw them. I will be adding them as I go along.

The King
The Queen
The Devil
The Hunter
Little Red Riding Hood
The Chinaman
The Indian
The Dragon
The Clown
The Farmer
The Farmer's Wife
The Burglar
The Poiliceman