Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rhea of the coos

Reah of the Coos. A character from the Stephen King series The Dark Tower. An evil, wretched witch to be sure. Perhaps a vampire? She has fed on human blood after all. The spiteful thing wears her beloved companion, Ermot, a venomous snake, around her neck. She had stitched it back together after Roland shot it out of a tree. Out for revenge, she was responsible for the death of Roland's one true love, Susan Delgado and his mother, Gabrielle Deschain.


  1. She's lovely and the beauty she's wrapped around is also a stunner! Did you base this character on a living person? I think I forwarded you that website with the current Hollywood beauties as envisioned fifty years hence, didn't I?

  2. Thanks! I just imagined this is what she'd look like. I think I could do a version with a more form fitting outfit on, in black, of course. Something buttoned all the way up her neck adorned with beetles ans spiders!

  3. This is awesome, this is exactly how I imagined her. Nice work, you are very talented

  4. True story: I had been reading The Dark Tower series and just got to book four (Wizard and Glass). I had just broken up with my girlfriend as I started the book. Guess who gets introduced in book 4? Rhea of the Coos. Ex's name: that's right... Rhea. Witch? Not too far off...

    PS - Great drawing!


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